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Our portraits make a lovely addition to your home, or are a perfect gift for a pet lover.

These quirky little sketches are simple and unique.

They are stylised and are not meant to be a detailed portrait, but a little bit of art to capture your pet, and something cute to add to your home,

To do a drawing or painting we require a good quality headshot. This means it is shot close up, in good light and that we can see all areas of light and shadow and the glimmer in your pet's eyes.

If you're not sure about your picture we are happy to look over it for you and advise whether we can work from it or not.

Simply drop us an email with your photo and we will advise!

If it's not suitable we are very happy to takr a picture of your pet in our Cheadle store. Photos taken are free of charge.

Some examples of Tails & Co. paintings and drawings




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